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Unlock Sony via cable - locked counter

Delivery time: from 10m to 12h (60m in most cases)
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This service allows you to unlock Sony phones by app and USB cable. Phones with blocked bad attemps counter are supported here.

Unlocking is through qUnlockTool app.





Important. Please read before you order:

  • This is unlocking by an app  - you will need USB cable to connect the phone to your PC
  • After purchasing you will get login and password for qUnlockTool app - the account will have 1 credit to unlock one phone.
  • IMPORTANT: Before submitting your order, read the following description of the service, especially when it comes to detecting your phone - download the program and install the drivers for your phone before ordering
  • You can download the app here
  • All other necessary information can be found below (questions and answers)



Only if you Accept the above and below Service Terms & Conditions feel free to Make an order


Frequently Asked Questions - please read:


How long it will take to complete my order?

Waiting time for generating login / password for this service is from 10 minutes to a few hours. Usually it is instant. Waiting time for orders placed on weekends / holidays may increase.

What exactly will i get after the order is completed?

That will be login and password for qUnlockTool app - the account will have 1 credit to unlock one phone.

Will unlocking work if my phone has blocked bad attemps counter?

Yes - Phones with blocked bad attemps counter are supported here.

How does unlocking procedure looks like?

  1. Download qUnlockTool app - you can download it here (There is no virus in the package, but many anti-virus programs can detect it as virus).
  2. Unpack / Run the qUnlockTool app and enter the login and password - in the username / password tab - after entering and clicking check credits in the program should appear SERVER CREDITS LEFT / USED: 1/0
  3. Connect the USB cable to the computer (you will connect it to the PC in a moment in the download mode)
  4. Click unlock in app - The screen will show the tip to connect the phone in download mode: PLEASE ATTACH TURNED OFF PHONE NOW, PRESS AND HOLD "BACK" OR "VOLUME DOWN" BUTTON
  5. Note: When the phone is connected in download mode, the system may display a failure of the driver installation, and a new device in the device manager (with an exclamation mark) will appear. Then click on "update driver" and specify "manually" USB drivers which you can download here - USBFlash_Driver
  6. Once the drivers have been installed (if necessary) the unlock process will start - it will take a few seconds and then the message "Response: Success" and UNLOCK DONE will appear in the program.

Screen from app 1 (Sample account with already used credit):

Screen from app 2 (That's the end of successful unlocking):

What is the validity of the account?

The validity of the account is up to a dozen days - please use the credit as soon as possible.

I can not connect to the server in the app, what to do?

The server has a limit of 150 pcs / day. So if you can not connect - wait and try the next day.

I paid through Paypal and the status of my order is "in the verification." What to do?

If the email address you provided when registering is different from your Paypal ID you will get from us an automatic e-mail with a link (sent to paypal e-mail), in which you must click to complete the payment process - the status of your order will then be changed to "paid." Sometimes e-mail from us goes to spam / junk folder - please check. If you do not get such e-mail, please contact us, we will check payment and change order status "manually".

Comments (39):

  • 2019-09-22 malenstwo2711 PL (rated Awesome (5)):
    Wszystko przebiegło szybko i sprawnie. Polecam
  • 2019-01-03 lmorawiec PL (rated Awesome (5)):
    Wszystko szybko,pomyślnie i bezproblemowo, usługa warta ceny,polecam
  • 2018-07-22 IKY PL (rated Awesome (5)):
    super działa 17s i odblokowany telefon!
  • 2018-06-25 Dzintars LV (rated Awesome (5)):
    The service is working fine! Unlocked your phone over the cable. Thank you! I recommend!
  • 2018-06-21 Janusz400 PL (rated Very good (4)):
    Jestem bardzo zadowolony z odblokowania telefonu. Oceniam to na 6, jednak czas realizacji był nie do zniesienia, na kod i hasło musiałem poczekać prawie 2 doby, co mnie drażniło i nie wiedziałem co się dzieje, bo kase przelałem a tu żadnego odzewu... W końcu doczekałem się. uffff... Działa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Polecam wszystkim.
  • 2018-06-11 mariocomputers GB (rated Awesome (5)):
    Thanks!!! So to all the people who still have any doubts: My phone was in a draw for a year, O2 UK said they are not able to help with unlocking as it was hard locked to them due to a stupid fault... customer had a sim card with a PIN code so he unlocked a sim but phone kept asking for network unlock code... so Pin again until [x] Network 0, even Sony could not fix it... Great... with USB Cable Unlock it took 53 sec... And a phone is alive again... new Three sim card - 100GB Data and a Smile on a face of my son... Thanks!!!
  • 2018-03-07 kriss212 PL (rated Awesome (5)):
    Wszystko wyszło spoko SIMLOCK zdjęty klient zadowolony :D
  • 2018-01-26 eihabpop EG (rated Very good (4)):
    very good so easy
  • 2017-12-19 jakes HR (rated Awesome (5)):
    you are awesome
  • 2017-10-21 luxorbiuro PL (rated Awesome (5)):
    Ca prawda musiałem czekać prawie 24 godziny, ale muszę też brać pod uwagę, że był weekend, po godzinach pracy, więc i tak nie jest źle. Polecam.