139.00 EUR

Unlock iPhone 6 SPRINT USA

Delivery time: from 3d to 21d (5d in most cases)

This service allows you to unlock Apple iPhone 6 / 6+ / 6s / 6s+ locked in SPRINT USA network. This is a PERMANENT unlock, so your phone will remain unlocked even after firmware update. When ordering, please enter the serial number of your phone (IMEI), which you can check by typing *#06#.

When your order is realized (you will get an e-mail message), please install latest version of iTunes on your computer, connect your phone to iTunes with not accepted simcard and wait until iTunes detects the phone. Then disconnect the phone and reconnect after 10 seconds. iTunes will display a massage: "Congratulations, Your iPhone is now unlocked".

This service supports all, even newest versions of firmware. Duration of service 3-21 days (working days).

Service applies only to network: SPRINT USA

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