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SETool 30 logs

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The SETool 30 logs contain a 30 credit package needed to unlock / flash new SE versions.

For all operations, you must use the DCU-60 cable and have a SeTool Box.







Frequently Asked Questions - please read:


Logi do SEToolaWhere can i find SETool Card Serial ?

Just run setool and this number will be displayed in the second line. However, it is not necessary so if you do not have the box at hand just enter 0000000.

Where can I find out how many credits a service charges?


How does it work?

After posting the payment, we give login, password and IP server. Usually it takes about 3 minutes.

Where to check the status of SETool servers?


Where can I find information about updates?


Our company is not responsible for the continuity of the service provided by the manufacturer - there may be temporary problems with service availability related to SEMC change, replacement of service keys on the manufacturer server and other downtime. However, the manufacturer will use all reasonable endeavors to make the service work properly - information on availability of the service can be found at:


PLEASE NOTE: Before unlocka make sure you have good and stable Internet connection - log loss due to TCP / IP transmission errors or any other will not be taken into account! Please report any problems to Se Toola at:


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