1. What is IMEI and where can I find it?
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  9. I paid for the service! Where do I find the unlock code or Login?
  10. What to do when there is no no code Samsung?

    If, after ordering the code, you will get a massage "No code at supplier" that means that there was no code for this imei in database. The amount will be automatically refunded to prepaid account and the transaction will be cancelled. In such case please first check your imei number and the network the phone is locked to (there is another service for each continent). If this is one of the newest models such us: S3 mini, Note S3, S4 active - please order a code in a new base:

    IMPORTANT: Codes from new databases are more expensive than normal base so first please pay the difference to your prepaid account at our site (click prepaid at the top of the site) and if the amount will be ok you will be able to pay for the new database from your prepaid account (the button "pay from prepaid" will appear there).


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