KulanKendi OnLine Simlock Modems

KulanKendi OnLine Simlock ModemsKulanKendi Multi-Client 10 credits to unlock PCMCIA, EXpressCard, USB Modems. All operations are on-line and require an Internet connection. To communicate with computer you need to install drivers supplied by the manufacturer.

After purchasing a service you will get login and password to KulanKendi Multi-Client aplication.

Supported modems:

  • ZTE MF100
  • ZTE MF100 Kievstar
  • ZTE MF330
  • ZTE MF620
  • ZTE MF622
  • ZTE MF622+
  • ZTE MF626
  • ZTE MF627
  • ZTE MF628
  • ZTE MF630
  • ZTE MF632
  • ZTE MF636
  • ZTE MF622 with MF330 firmware all sw ver.
  • Huawei E220 (in some cases need firmware update from support or latest)
  • Huawei E230
  • Huawei E155
  • Huawei E156
  • Huawei E156G
  • Huawei E160
  • Huawei E160G
  • Huawei E161
  • Huawei E166
  • Huawei E166G
  • Huawei E169
  • Huawei E169G
  • Huawei E170
  • Huawei E172
  • Huawei E172G
  • Huawei E176
  • Huawei E180
  • Huawei E180G
  • Huawei E180V
  • Huawei E180S
  • Huawei E181
  • Huawei E182
  • Huawei E182E
  • Huawei E196
  • Huawei E226
  • Huawei E270
  • Huawei E271
  • Huawei E272
  • Huawei E510
  • Huawei E612
  • Huawei E618
  • Huawei E620
  • Huawei E630
  • Huawei E630+
  • Huawei E660
  • Huawei E660A
  • Huawei E800
  • Huawei E870
  • Huawei E880
  • Huawei E1550
  • Huawei E1553
  • Huawei E1609
  • Huawei E1612
  • Huawei E1615
  • Huawei E1616
  • Huawei E1630
  • Huawei E1632
  • Huawei E1690
  • Huawei E1692
  • Huawei EC325
  • Huawei EG162
  • Huawei EG162G
  • Huawei EG602
  • Huawei EG602G
  • Huawei K3765
  • Huawei K2540
  • Huawei K3520
  • Huawei K3565
  • Huawei K3715
  • Huawei K3735
  • Vodafone K2540
  • Vodafone K3515
  • Vodafone K3520
  • Vodafone K3565
  • Vodafone K3715
  • Vodafone K3765
  • Merlin U530
  • Merlin U630
  • Merlin U730
  • Merlin U740
  • Merlin XU870
  • Merlin E725
  • Merlin E760
  • Merlin E960
  • Merlin E970
  • Merlin EU740
  • Merlin EU850D
  • Merlin EU860D
  • Merlin EU870D
  • Merlin PC720
  • Merlin X720
  • Merlin X950D
  • Merlin XV620
  • GT Combo EDGE (MG)
  • GT 3G EDGE (ML)
  • GT 3G Quad (QL)
  • GT 3G Quad (RL)
  • GT 3G+ (NZ)
  • GT 3G+ HSDPA (NL)
  • GT Fusion (RC)
  • GT Fusion+ (NF)
  • GT Fusion+ (NB)
  • GT MAX 7.2 Ready (FT)
  • GT Max EMEA (GA)
  • GT MaxW (GM)
  • GT MAX 3.6 (FN)
  • OPTION ICON 7.2 EL (Z2), ICON 7.2 EL GTM378 (S2), GlobeSurfer ICON (VP), ICON 2 - GTM378 (SE)
  • OPTION ICON 255 - GIO225 (DR), GTM353W (C3), GTM351E (CB)
  • Option Express HSUPA - GE0301 (EE), HSUPA Modem - GX0301 (GE), GIO431 / MB Stick 530
  • Novatel Ovation MC727, MC760, MC930D, MC935D, MC950D, MC990D, MCD3000

How does unlock process look like?

  1. Order a service and make an online payment
  2. Install drivers
  3. Run the application
  4. Choose an appropriate model
  5. Press "Execute"

Your modem in now unlocked.

How does the application looks like?

KulanKendi OnLine Simlock Modems KulanKendi OnLine Simlock Modems KulanKendi OnLine Simlock Modems

How does the service purchase look like, what am I really buying?

After purchasing a service you will get login and password to an account in KulanKendi Multi-Client aplication. You will find them in "My orders" folder. There will be 10 cerdits on each account - it will allow you to unlock 1 modem with KulanKendi application.

What should I do next if I already have login and password?

  1. Download: KulanKendu MultiClient
  2. Run the application and login (with the login and password we sent you)
  3. Press "Cheack Account" to check credits
  4. There should be 10 credits on new account

Is it possible to damage modem usunig this application?

By following our recommendations it is not possible to damage the modem in any way.

How to unlock modems?

  1. Switch ON your phone without SIM Card and wait for a masaage "insert sim"
  2. Connect your modem to the computer. Then install drivers
  3. From the list "Phone" choose: PCMCIA / EXpressCard / USB Modems
  4. Click READ INFO, the application will show: Phone supported
  5. Select "UNLOCK"
  6. Do not disconnect the phone until the application show: All Done!

Your modem is now unlocked and you can use it with any SIM card.

Where to download drivers for modems?

You can download drivers here! Or click support button in Kulankendi application. You can also use the drivers from CD supplied by the manufacturer or download it from the producer website.