How to read IMEI + HASH from Nokia phones

How to read the necessary data from the Nokia phones with SL3 protection to remote calculation code for unlock phones.


Establishing a connection between your computer to your phone.

  1. Install Nokia Suite - link: Nokia Suite
  2. Plug the phone to the usb cable and wait for install drivers (included in Nokia Suite).
  3. In phone menu, select the connection mode: Nokia Suite (if already phone was not in this connection mode) - wait for phone to be recognized by Nokia Suite.
  4. Do not unplug the phone.

Unlock procedure

Nokia Best (file password: 12345678)

or an alternative program (based on NokiaBest) if there were problems with reading the previous program:

Sl3byUSB (file password: 12345678)

If the drivers were installed correctly you will get the information that the program merged with the phone (marked in red message).

  1. Download Nokia BEST from the following link:
  2. Run !Start BEST.
  3. Go to the "Unlock" (marked in red with No. 1) and then press "Create file for LBF" (marked in red with No. 2)
  4. A message appears asking to perform a series of operations (exactly three):
    • Unplug the phone from computer - remove the USB cable and do not plug it again (check No. 3)
    • Turn off the phone (the best way is to pull out the battery from phone - switching off is not always successful (check No. 3) and insert the battery back into the phone.
    • Press "OK" in program window - confirming that the previous procedures have been done (selection No. 4)
    • Now you need to plug VIGOROUSLY usb cable to usb slot (typically cautious slip the cable can not give a enough strong pulse, and the program would not read the data - the procedure to be repeated from the begining)
    • The program for about 20 seconds is waiting for a USB cable to plug in already switched off phone. If within those 20 seconds (counter is in the lower left corner of the window) We do not attach the phone to the USB cable plugged into the computer - the whole procedure will need to be repeated.

After connect the cable program starts reading the necessary data needed to unlock, wait a moment, in according to message "wait".

After a while, you will be prompted to repeat the sequence from step 4 (disconnect the cable, remove the battery - insert the battery, connect the cable) - a red check mark.

Please note that there is no longer a separate window that indicates the actions required by the program as described in Section 4. Only the description of the main window.

After plug in the USB cable, the program continues reading data and depending on your phone model (eg. N500) the data reading should be automated to the end, or (eg. Nokia C-3) is expected to fully boot up the phone by the user (red checkmark)

In this second case, proceed as before, but maintaining a different sequence of events:

After read the final data, the file required to calculate your code to unlock is located in the Nokia BEST: "Local_cal"

There are 3 files, we are interested in one, which name has the serial number of your nokia with the extension "bcl", for example. 353760047136645.bcl This file must be sent to us in the form of attachment in the message.

An example result of the data read from the phone. This file must be sent to us for purpose of calculating the unlock code.

Click HERE and order the read hash calculation NCK code that will allow you to unlock Nokia phone.

 How to enter code to unlock phone:

You will receive a 7 codes in the format:








Please enter the code No. 1 (which is the parent of all the front)


You have only 3 attempts at entering the code. If the code is entered, the message "You can not undo restriction" This means that the counter is locked

It is possible to enter the code using a USB cable. This may be necessary when we have blocked counter input. In Nokia phones, you can only 3x enter the code by keypad, if someone entered error codes use the: Nokia BB5 Utility.

    1. Unplug the phone from usb cable
    2. Pull off the battery
    3. Insert the battery
    4. Turn on the device
    5. Plug in usb cable
    1. Turn on your Nokia phone without a SIM card.
    2. Enter generated service code (in the format code # pw + unlock code + 1 #)
    3. p - after quickly pressing 3 times * (star)
    4. w - after quickly using 4 times * (star)
    5. + - after quickly using 2 times * (star)
    6. After accept the code the phone will reset.
    1. Download and run the Nokia BB5 Utility
    2. Select an option 5: SEND UNLOCK CODE
    3. In the unlock code enter the same code without „#pw+” only 15 digits
    4. Level - choose the last digit in the code, for example. #pw+27438392738473652+7# Level: 7
    5. Click DO JOB
    6. If the meter of typing is 3/3 select additional "Over Fbus"

Good luck