How to enter code for APPLE iPhone 3G

APPLE iPhone 3G

How to unlock APPLE iPhone 3G?

  1. Order an APPLE iPhone 3G unlock on our site,
  2. When your order is realized you will get an e-mail message,
  3. Then, please install latest version of iTunes on your computer and connect APPLE iPhone 3G to iTunes with not accepted simcard,
  4. Wait until iTunes detects the phone and wait for a few seconds,
  5. iTunes will display a massage: "Congratulations, Your iPhone is now unlocked". If there will be no message, you have to restore your software with any active SIM card in your phone.

Simlock / Unlock iPhone

In some cases iTunes will not inform you about unlocking your APPLE iPhone 3G with a massage above. However, if you switch on your APPLE iPhone 3G with a non accepted SIM card and the phone does not show the information "sim card is not supported" - it is unlocked. In some cases, eg after jailbrake, your APPLE iPhone 3G may not have coverage. You should then upload the latest firmware.

To restore your APPLE iPhone 3G please switch it off and then connect it to USB cable while pressing Iphone HOME button. iTunes will detect the phone in Safe mode, it is necessary to restore along with software updates.

Unlock APPLE iPhone 3G