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Now you can unlock your phone without leaving home. Follow these simple 4 steps:

  1. Select your phone model
  2. Submit IMEI (serial number)
  3. Make online payment
  4. Enter unlock code

Now, you can enjoy a completely unlocked phone and use any SIM card.
Fast, easy, safe and cheap!
Unlocking by this method does not cause loss of data from the phone, you will not need the interference in the software or electronics of the phone. The whole unlocking procedure is simplified to a minimum and takes place entirely online.

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Unlock your iPhone SE from Vodafone Ireland

2016/04/22 o 12:03

 iPhone SE Vodafone IrelandIt is now possible to unlock the newest APPLE model from VODAFONE IRELAND. Unlocking of iPhone SE is taking just a few working days.

Make an order and enjoy your unlocked phone.

iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5c / 5s and other models are of course also supported.

Click here to make an order for iPhone Vodafone Ireland.

Do you have a phone from another network? Click here to find your network.

Unlock your Amazon Fire Phone via code

2016/03/22 o 10:23

Unlock your Amazon Fire Phone by code

From today you can unlock your Amazon Fire Phone with us.

When ordering, just enter an IMEI number of the phone you want to unlock, and we will take care of the rest. Once the order is complete we will notify you via email or by SMS!

In case of problems, we offer help - our consultants will be glad to answer your questions.

With us, surely you will unlock your phone!

Unlock iPhone 6s / 6s+ Telia and 3 Sweden

2016/03/09 o 10:11

Unlock iPhone 6s Telia 3 Hutchison SzwecjaWe are pleased to announce that, on our website is already possible to factory unlock iPhone 6s and 6s Plus from Swedish networks Telia and 3 Hutchison.

Today we updated our offer to the latest iPhone models in Telia and 3 Hutchison networks. If you have a lock from these networks, do not wait! Place an order, enter the IMEI, sync your iPhone with iTunes and enjoy PERMANENTLY unlocked phone.

  • Unlock the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus and other models from Telia Sweden network you can order HERE 

  • Also unlock the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus and others from 3 Hutchison Sweden HERE

Do you have a phone from another network? Click here to find your network.